Why Hubble communication ?

Hubble is an incredible space telescope that went into orbit more than 30 years ago and has radically changed our understanding of the universe. It's a window beyond the atmosphere that observes what best the cosmos has to offer.
And just as Hubble scans the far reaches of the universe to deliver wonderful images, my mission is to analyze your brand in order to offer your various audiences relevant communication on adapted media to reach the right targets!

  • Globe
  • Navette
  • Lune

A fine and atypical vision of communication

Over the course of my twenty-odd years of flying in the world of communication, I had the chance to hold many positions. Alternately press officer, project manager, head of sponsoring, institutional and internal communication, events and marketing, the world of communication no longer holds many secrets for me. But, don’t worry, far from having made me a woman with multiple personalities, these missions have allowed me to have a different, atypical but always right vision of communication!

Multi-sector expertise and adaptability to any situation

Evolving in these very different sectors has therefore allowed me to acquire varied skills and a great flexibility.

Competitive fees

Compared to the millions of dollars that were needed to build and put the Hubble Telescope into orbit, my fees are more than competitive!
My structure allows me to propose a qualitative offer at advantageous rates. And because each project is different, I offer solutions adapted to your needs, whether you need a one-shot mission or long-term mission.


- Communication Strategy -

  • Communication Audit

    Step back to jump better!
    I help you to make an inventory of your communication actions. The aim is to list all the actions carried out, to analyse them and to evaluate their relevance and effectiveness. This work allows me to check the coherence between the communication policy implemented and the results obtained.

  • Competitive Benchmark

    Analyze to better differentiate yourself !
    I observe and analyse the different marketing and communication practices of your competitors to enable you to situate yourself in relation to them. The goal is to correct or implement new communication actions. But above all, to better define together your axes of differentiation.

  • Communication Plan

    For a relevant, effective and adapted communication strategy!
    After an initial diagnosis during which we define your targets and objectives, I draw up a complete multi-channel communication plan (a six months or a year plan) with the messages to be put forward, the creative axes and tools to be favoured, as well as a budget and an associated retro-planning.

- Reputation / e-Reputation -

  • Press and Public Relations

    Get visibility in all media: print, radio, television, web.
    By developing an effective press relations campaign and/or organizing public relations events, I allow you to gain visibility with your clients, partners and competitors. All the press articles obtained will allow you to gain notoriety.

  • Influencers partnership

    Reach the community of influencers in your sector and broaden your audience.
    By imagining and creating strong and personalized partnerships with key influencers in your field (blogs, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok...), I allow you to reach your target through ambassadors who will be able to put you forward to a relevant audience.

  • Personal Branding

    To manage your personal communication
    After an analysis of your personality and an inventory of your online and offline reputation, I accompany you in the creation of your own brand as an individual. According to your needs and objectives, I help you to elaborate a real strategy to promote your image.


  • Business / Marketing
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Food Industry
  • Leisure
  • Housing
  • Tourism
  • Distribution
  • High Tech
  • Personal Branding
  • Astronomy

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